Witches Collegium™ is the second annual free family-friendly event organized and sponsored by SPARKLE Studio that takes place throughout many Lowe Mill studios. This year’s event will take place on Thursday through Saturday, October 26 — 28, 2023. Last year’s event was quite profitable for many of the participating studios, and we hope this year’s event will be even more so.

Witches Collegium II with an image of a witch flying on a broom in front of a moon

We invite all studios to participate in the Witches Collegium. We recognize that each studio has very different needs, so we are happy to provide a number of different ways you can choose to be part of the Witches Collegium. Keep scrolling for more information.

Multi-Studio Scavenger Hunt

Our scavenger hunt has been designed with several purposes: 1) to entice hunters to visit a number of studios they may not have visited before, 2) to encourage hunters to spend money in studios, and 3) to ensure that hunters do not interrupt important conversations studio owners may be having with other customers.

SPARKLE Studio assigns each studio a key word that hunters will use to fill in their scavenger hunt forms. SPARKLE will provide a printed, themed sheet containing the key word to be hidden in the studio. We find it adds to the fun when a studio makes a small, themed display in which to display their key word.

Each participating studio agrees to donate a $25 gift certificate with an expiration date of 12/31/23. SPARKLE will design and print out the gift certificate for each studio complete with event branding.

SPARKLE will assemble at least 3 gift baskets featuring a number of randomly distributed gift certificates which will be distributed to winners based on a random drawing of all valid entries. The number of baskets and number of certificates per basket will depend on the number of studios participating in the scavenger hunt.

If a studio cannot be open during the daily 11 am to 7 pm hours of the event, the key word should either be visible through the studio’s window or may be displayed directly on the studio’s door or window.

Free Classes: Instructors Needed

Teri Hartmann of DesignbyHart Pottery Studio graciously provides use of the table and chairs in her in-studio classroom for Witches Collegium free classes.

We are looking for classes on a wide range of metaphysical or Halloween-related topics from beginner to advanced levels. Since this event is totally free to the public, we regret that we are unable to offer payment for teaching these classes. However, we highly encourage instructors to display business cards, postcards, flyers, and a variety of items/services available in your studio and to take 5 minutes at the beginning or end of class to encourage attendees to visit your studio.

Classes are 45 minutes long plus 5 minutes for self-promotion.

We have received inquiries about whether the classes are live-streamed. SPARKLE Studio is only two people. Unfortunately, we are so busy running the event and our studio that we cannot live stream the events ourselves. However, if a volunteer is interested in managing the live-streaming on our platform for us, please get in touch with us.

Events and Activities in Your Own Studio

We highly encourage studios to create special products, offer special discounts, or host their own special activities within your studios.

SPARKLE Studio will list all of these activities on the Witches Collegium Facebook event page, on our website pages dedicated to the event, and in the downloadable PDF guide we hope to create for the event.

Advertise in the Downloadable PDF Event Guide

This event guide will include descriptions of all the free classes, instructor bios, a brief description of each studio participating in the scavenger hunt, a map of Lowe Mill A&E, and more.

Every studio participating in the scavenger hunt, teaching a class, or offering something within your own studio space is invited to submit a 1/4 or 1/2 page full color ad that will be included at no cost.

Studios who do not wish to take part in activities associated with the Witches Collegium, as well as businesses not located at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment may purchase advertising in the event guide.

Social Media Promotion Collaboration

SPARKLE Studio will use Facebook and Instagram to promote the Witches Collegium event on social media. We encourage all participating studios to like, comment, and share the posts we make on the Witches Collegium event page or on the SPARKLE Studio page as much as possible.

In return, we will comment on, like, and share all of a participating studio’s posts relating to Witches Collegium. We encourage studios to like, comment on, and share each other’s posts as well.

The more we all do this, the more attention all our business pages as well as the event page will receive in Meta’s algorithms.

Trademark Usage Permission and Guidelines

We are very happy to grant studios at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment full permission to use the Witches Collegium™ name, promotional images, and posts to promote any activities you wish to host in your studio. We appreciate your assistance in helping us protect our trademark by following these guidelines.

  • The first time you mention the name of the event, please use Witches Collegium™. You do not need to include the TM symbol again in the same post or document.
  • On Facebook, tag the Witches Collegium event page. You should be able to tag by searching for “witches collegium.” Here is the full link for the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/530912605533421 You may also tag SPARKLE Studio if you wish: @thatsparklestudio
  • On Instagram, tag the SPARKLE Studio page: @thatsparklestudio
  • In any print medium or online social media other than Facebook, please mention that the event is sponsored by SPARKLE Studio and provide a link to the Facebook event page.
  • You grant SPARKLE Studio permission to like, comment on, share, and link to your social media posts.