Warmth and Mobility


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Since I missed drawing a card yesterday, I decided to draw two cards today. Using Molly Remer’s WomanRunes deck, I drew the Labrys card. Using the Everyday Witch Oracle deck, I drew and Sun and Stars card. Taken together, both of these cards are a good outlook for our present and our future. I also felt drawn to put out lepidolite and labradorite stones.

The Sun and Stars card represents the element of Fire: creativity and passion. Both the sun and stars provide us with warmth and energy, while that of the stars is much further off and more difficult to feel.

We all enjoy the warmth and energy of the sun. In these days when we’re stuck at home, remember not to stay cooped up indoors but to go outside whenever possible. Go out and walk in your yard or neighborhood, as long as you can maintain safe spatial distancing. If you don’t have a yard, maybe you have a balcony or porch. If you don’t have that, maybe you have a window you can open.

Sunlight also helps our bodies produce vitamin D, which can help give our immune system a healthy boost.

If you can see them, look up at the stars at night. Enjoy their beauty sparkling down at you.

Focus on the constancy of the sun and stars. They have been there for millennia, and they will be there for millennia to come. Let this reassure you that we will be here for a long time to come as well.

The Labrys card represents the power of the mind and mobility. We are all going to need to rely on the strength of our minds in the coming days. Strength to do what is necessary to save as many lives as possible. Yes, the cost is going to be great for many. Have hope that individuals, groups, businesses, and even governments will come up with ways to help those most in need. Have confidence this will be a time when all of humanity will step up and demonstrate just how much we can do for each other.

Yes, our mobility is greatly restricted now, and for very good reason. Let this card remind you that mobility will be restored, and we will eventually have the freedom to move around as we wish again. But let us all remember that it might be a good to slow down and enjoy the world around us once that time comes.

Lepidolite, the pale pink sparkly stone, is considered by many to be a stone of transition. As we transition to a new way of staying home for most of our time, this stone can help release and reorganize our old psychological patterns and behaviors. You may find that carrying around a piece of sparkly lepidolite will reduce stress and depression and help spur on emotional healing. At the very least, the sparkles can bring a bit of joy and happiness as we look at them.

Labradorite is also helpful during periods of transition and transformation. It is said to ground spiritual energies, banish fear and insecurities, strengthen faith in oneself and the universe, and strengthen intuition. It can help us develop new ideas as well. Carry around a piece of labradorite to calm your mind and help you focus on new activities to practice during these difficult times.

Discussion Questions

Conversations are a very important way of helping us feel connected with others while we’re isolated in our own homes. Please consider engaging in healing conversations with us here or on our Facebook page.

Here are some questions that may help get discussion going.

  • How are you using your strength of mind to cope with these days of uncertainty?
  • How are you using the warmth and energy of the sun and stars to deal with life?
  • Are you having difficulty managing your thoughts and feelings? How can we help?
  • What are you doing to stay connected with others?

Tell us what you think!