SPIN 2017: De-Stash Sale


Got some fiber you need to send along to a new home to make room for the newest fiber that has called your name? Bring it with you to our SPIN 2017 event on Saturday, September 16, so that it can find a new home where it will be loved and treasured! Click here for full SPIN 2017 details and to reserve your space.

Looking for some new fiber to add to your stash? Bring some cash with you (or visit one of the on-site ATMs if you forget) to add some new treasures to your collection! The de-stash sale is CASH ONLY so we will have sufficient cash on hand to give each participant cash for their sales at the end of the event.

The De-Stash Sale will take place from 11 am to 3 pm.

Selling Items in the De-Stash Sale:

  1. We are accepting fleeces, fiber (uncarded, roving, batts, etc.), and/or fiber processing equipment (spinning wheels, looms, carders, combs, etc.) for this de-stash sale. We will have a de-stash sale for yarn, implements, embellishments, etc. at our 2018 Worldwide Knit in Public Day event, scheduled for June 9.
  2. SPARKLE will retain 15% of all sales to cover a donation to Flying Monkey and other expenses in printing barcodes for participants.
  3. Send an email to info AT thatsparklestudio DOT com to let us know you will be participating in the de-stash sale. Let us know approximately how many items you plan to bring.
  4. Before bringing your items to the event, please download this Word file with sale tags. Attach one tag to each item you have for sale and write on a price.
  5. At the event, we will give you a sheet of barcode stickers. Please attach one sticker to the back of the price tag on each item.
  6. SPARKLE Studio will handle the checkout process for you so you can have fun and enjoy your day.
  7. The De-Stash sale will close at 3 PM so we have time to add up each participant’s sales total and get their payment ready. You may pick up your sales payment (cash) between 3:45 and 4:00 PM at the registration desk.
  8. Please pick up all your unsold de-stash sale items at 3 PM. SPARKLE Studio will not be responsible for any items left unclaimed after 3 PM.

We can’t wait to see the lovely things you have for our de-stash sale!

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