Rainbow Blessings


Today I drew one card from the Sacred Traveler oracle deck by Denise Linn and a card from the WomanRunes deck by Molly Remer. To complete my photo, I included an Autumn Magic Meditation Goddess sculpture and printed card of goddess figurines (also from Molly), and six mini-bottles of crushed gemstones in a rainbow of colors.

Rainbow Blessings

The Rainbow Blessings card is captioned “Blessings are showering your life.” I know it can be a bit difficult to see any blessings in the current world health situation, but if you look hard, you will be able to find some.

This card can be a reminder to count your blessings: the ones you have received in the past, the ones you are finding now, and the ones you will receive in the future. If you simply can’t find blessings in your life no matter how hard you try right now, turn things around. Maybe this is your opportunity to be the blessing in someone else’s life.

Blessing Ideas

Maybe you can turn some of these things into blessings and opportunities in your life.

  • Spending more time with family and pets
  • Spending more virtual time with friends and extended family
  • Time to tackle projects that you’ve been putting off
  • Time to slow down and experience connections
  • Time to spend outdoors
  • Changing your focus and life desires
  • Return to a slower way of life not filled with so much busy-ness

The Sun

The Sun card from WomanRunes is a a rune of healing, rejuvenation, recreation, play, and radiance. Perhaps these are things that you can look upon as blessings in your life.

This card is a reminder that we need the sun to have a rainbow. Rainbows are caused by the sun’s light refracting through water droplets in the atmosphere. Without the sun, there is no rainbow.

Take this opportunity to spend some time in the energy of the sun’s light. If you’re lucky enough to be in a place where you can get outside, go take a walk and bask in the light. If you are in a place where you must stay inside, spend some time looking at the sun’s light through a window.

Discussion Questions

Let’s stay connected through conversation. Think about these questions and leave us a comment here or on our Facebook page.

  • Have you been able to find any blessings in this current situation, even if they’re very well hidden?
  • Can you use help from someone in identifying some blessings?
  • How have you been a blessing to someone else?
  • How has someone else be a blessing to you.

Our customers, students, and friends are a big blessing to us during this difficult time. We appreciate all your support and we can’t wait to see you again soon!

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