PATTERN: Floofy Boot Toppers


A FREE copy of this pattern is available in a post on the Crochetville blog. The PDF pattern is available here for a small for those who prefer the convenience of a PDF file.

About the Pattern: When I saw this yarn sitting on the shelf in my local yarn store, it simply screamed out at me that I must take it home and make it into a pair of “floofy” boot toppers. “Floofy” is my technical term for the thicker bouclé areas that appear from time to time in the length of yarn. I hope you have as much fun making and wearing these boot toppers as I’ve had!

Measurements (unstretched):

S/M: 9.5” tall x 10” circumference

M/L: 9.5” tall x 12.25” circumference


Outer Boot Topper: South West Trading Company Comin Up Flowers (60% acrylic / 35% polyester / 5% wool, 150 g/105 m): 1 ball, Color B7623 Grape Vine

Inner Boot Topper: approximately 95 yards (Small/Medium) or 125 yards (Medium/Large) of any smooth worsted weight acrylic yarn in color of your choice. I used a black yarn.

Special Stitch:

FPDC (front post double crochet): Yarn over, insert hook horizontally from front to back to front again around the vertical post (upright portion) of the next stitch, yarn over and draw yarn through, yarn over and pull through two loops twice.



Craft: crochet

Yarn: Southwest Trading Company Comin’ Up Flowers

Crochet hook: I (5.5 mm) or J (6.0 mm)



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