Positive Thoughts for March 18, 2020


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In these times of uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are feeling anxious, worried, and scared. We aren’t medical experts here at SPARKLE Studio, so we’re going to trust you can find reputable sources to follow on your own for information on that front.

SPARKLE has been trying to figure out how we can help our friends, students, and customers navigate through these difficult times. We’ve decided we are going to start posting a daily Positive Thoughts message. We will focus on a variety of things you can do to bring a small bit of calm, peace, and love into your life (however temporary that may be).

We hope you will come spend time with us each day, either here or on our Facebook page, and engage in some conversations that will help center and ground us and let us focus on helping each other through the days to come.

Positive Thought: Gates of Triumph

Today’s post is based on a one-card drawing from the Sacred Traveler Oracle deck by Denise Linn. The card’s title is Gates of Triumph, with a quote of “Success expands in your life.”

Let’s focus on the words “your life.” Today, I want to talk about personal success in things that are individual to us, not so much things that are applicable to the whole wide world.

When something is very important to us in our personal lives, we sometimes get stuck in self-doubt and worry, thinking we may never be successful. We may get stuck in our negative ways of thinking, which can often make success harder to find.

This card is a reminder that success can expand in our lives. It’s a reminder that when we get stuck in the dark brambles of our thoughts or when circumstances seem stacked against us and we can see no clear way out, we should be on the lookout for an open door.

When we find that door, we will see a clear pathway before us, leading into the brightness of a new day. Keep your energies focused on the possibilities in front of you. Take one step forward, no matter how small that step is. Then take another step. And another.

Keep on moving forward toward the success you seek. If you need to, break your definition of success down into smaller steps, and be proud of the success in each small step. If you can’t achieve success on your own, reach out to others: friends, family, community organizations, professionals of any kind. Asking for help is not a failure: it’s a kind of success of its own.

Let’s do our best to help each other in the coming days. Offer encouragement and kindness to everyone you meet. Seek online contact with others. Let’s keep the conversation and connection going!

Discussion Questions

We would love to hear your thoughts about what success means in your life. In the comments, please share your thoughts on the following questions or leave a question of your own.

  • What does success mean to you?
  • Is your definition of success changing?
  • Who or what helps you find success?
  • In which areas of your life would you like to be more successful?

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