Nourish Yourself


Today’s decks: Crazy Sexy Love Notes oracle deck and The Light Seer’s Tarot deck.

Today I drew the Nourish Yourself card. These bunnies are sitting in a field surround by a number of plants: lettuce, carrots, radishes, even flowers. You can see that they are getting their nourishment from a variety of different plants.

In these difficult times, it’s important for us to nourish ourselves in a variety of ways as well. We need to not just nourish our bodies with healthy foods, but nourish our minds and our souls.

Guidance to Nourish Yourself

Today, I decided to draw three tarot cards to see what guidance they might have to give us about ways we can nourish ourselves.

The Moon: This card represents uncertainty, the unknown, hidden truths. Some readers also believe it represents the public and retail sales. It also traditionally represents our ability to rely on our intuition and to face our fears.

My interpretation of this card is that there is a lot of unknown surrounding the COVID-19 situation. There is so much we just don’t know yet or possibly even that hasn’t been made public yet as scientists try hard to find scientific confirmation of what they think they know.

This card is a reminder that we should not rely on being out in public or making retail purchases as a way to nourish ourselves. Yes, we need to buy food and other essentials of life to keep our bodies healthy and functioning.

But there is so much more to nourishing ourselves. This card is a reminder to stop, just take a big deep breath and pause our lives for a bit. Face our fears, look past them, and get in touch with our deepest intuition about ways to nourish ourselves.

What nourishes one person is not going to nourish another. That’s why it’s important for each of us to learn what actually nourishes us. I’ll provide a list of suggestions at the end of this post to help you get started making a list of your own ideas for personal nourishment.

Death and Rebirth: First of all, do not be scared! In most cases, this card does not represent a literal physical death. Since I drew this card as clarification on how to nourish ourselves, I am absolutely 100% confident that this card is not representing a death sentence for any of us.

Instead, it indicates that an old phase is ending and a new one is beginning. We can use these uncertain times to create a profound transformation in ourselves that we initiate ourselves. Prune away what no longer serves you and let a new you emerge.

As we slow down, we can begin to focus on what is truly important and meaningful to us. We’re learning to stay more deeply connected to those important to us, in new and different ways. We may not be able to be physically close, but we can stay mentally and emotionally close. We can be in touch more frequently through text, phone, and video calls. We can take time to read a book or watch the tv show we’ve been meaning to catch up on. We can spend time learning a new skill or hobby. We can learn to be better stewards of our time: organizing our shopping time so we spend less time consuming and more time experiencing life.

The Magician: This card is an exciting one as it relates to nourishing yourself. It represents power, individuality, and originality. It indicates that you have within you all the power you need to change your situation.

Yes, there is plenty we cannot change about the current situation. But we can change how we respond to the situation. We can make our best effort to shelter in place and only go out when it is absolutely unavoidable. (Unfortunately, for some of us that means we must continue to go to work and expose ourselves to risk. To all of you in that situation, thank you for doing that.)

We can also change our thought process about the changes we are making to our living habits. Instead of focusing on changing out of fear, which takes away our personal power, change your way of thinking so that you are making changes out of a desire to help improve the situation. When we are working as a helper, we take back our personal power.

Think about your individual situation and utilize some original thinking to come up with a list of how you can nourish yourself and your family. You may come up with all sorts of interesting ideas you’d never considered before that end up nourishing your soul in completely unexpected ways.

Ways to Nourish Yourself

Here’s a list of some things you can do to nourish yourself while you are at home. We’d love to hear your ideas for nourishment, so please leave us a comment.

  • Expand your cooking skills: Use new ingredients. Search out new recipes and cooking techniques.
  • Listen to music: Listen to new styles and artists.
  • Learn to play music.
  • Learn a new language: This will open up a whole new world of people to speak with and perhaps future travel destinations.
  • Clean and organize your home: Eliminating clutter can help us focus better on what is truly important to us.
  • Get some exercise: In most places, even if we need to shelter at home, we’re still allowed to venture outside to walk, run, engage in activities that allow us to keep a safe minimum distance from others and not touch physical surfaces.
  • Enjoy nature: Just go out and sit in the sunshine. If it’s warm, even sit in the rain and splash in puddles. Take a homemade picnic to a big open park where you can avoid close contact with others.
  • Engage in a hobby or learn a new one: Even if you can’t get supplies for your new hobby, there is so much you can learn online so you’ll be well-prepared when you are able to get supplies.
  • Correspond with people: Return to old-fashioned letter writing (or send that style of letter via email if you have to).
  • Stay in touch with those who are important to you.

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