mystical forest setting with mushrooms and glowing blue butterflies titled Myth, Magick, and Fantasy

Please visit SPARKLE Studio 103 to pick up your scavenger hunt. Fill in the code word for at least TBD studios and return your form to SPARKLE Studio by 7:00 pm on Saturday, April 15, to be eligible for the prize drawing. (We will update the number of studios you must visit as soon as we finalize the number of participating studios.)

Prizes: 3 gift baskets containing $25 gift certificates from participating studios

The following studios will be participating in the Scavenger Hunt. Keep checking back as we add more studios.

103 SPARKLE Studio

104 Caudle’s Silver Dragonfly

109 Something Special Art

110 Arduinna’s Forest

114 Liza Jane Richey

115 PB Surrealism

124 Mastermind Models & Miniatures

150 DesignbyHart Pottery Studio

1015 Peculiar Preserves

1019 HuntsvIllustrated

1038 Lightning & Lace

1039 Burnwater Books

1022 Starlight Arcade

250 Retro-Fitt Boutique

253 Vintage Aura Jewelry

267 Charismata Boutique

273 Kelli Hovanes

274 Costume Mercenary

2040 Goth & Goblin Eclectica

2046 The Painting Collage

2048 Ethereal Geometry Arts

319 Gathering Moss Studio

320 Samantha Tallichet

321 Matt Bender