mystical forest setting with mushrooms and glowing blue butterflies titled Myth, Magick, and Fantasy

Free Classes and Workshops

We have finalized our FREE class and workshop schedule! These classes will take place in the classroom of Studio 150, DesignbyHart Pottery Studio.

Classroom space is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please come early to ensure you get a seat for your favorite class topics. Some classes may be able to accommodate more students than others.

Thursday, April 13

11:30 Intro to Yoga, Melissa Williams

12:30 Intro to Belly Dancing, Melissa Williams

1:30 Elves of Iceland, Nharah Clark

2:30 Make a Leather Bookmark, Denise Anderson

3:30 Sacred Sewing, Melissa Williams

4:30 Intro to Norse Runes, Jay Meeks

5:30 How to Paint a Mini (demo), Clay Williams

Friday, April 14

11:30 Traveler’s Notebook, Denise Anderson

12:30 Intro to Charm Reading, Jade Wilson

1:30 Meditative Calm in Fiber Arts, Laura McKay

2:30 Creating Sigils, Kelli Hovanes

3:30 Intro to Tarot, Amy Shelton

4:30 Norse Mythology, Jay Meeks

5:30 WomanRunes in Womens Circles, Amy Shelton

Saturday, April 15

11:30 Intro to Reiki, Angela Garrett

12:30 Intro to Psychic Mediumship, Melitta Thorn

1:30 Intro to Crystal Healing, Jim Caudle

2:30 Sketching for the Mundane Mind, Jade Wilson

3:30 Magical Uses of Masks, Kelli Hovanes

4:30 Intro to Collage (make and take), Missy Richey

5:30 Somatic (body) Spell Components, Tomas Cap Quinn