Amy Shelton Head Shot

I grew up as a Christian raised in the Episcopal and United Methodist churches. I am still a Christian, but not tied to any particular denomination. My belief is that God is so much bigger than we are, and he has love and room for all who are seeking something bigger than themselves and are trying to treat everyone with love. Love is the answer, everyone! Not judgment, fear, condemnation, or hate. Love for everyone.

I started studying Tarot several years ago after being introduced to it by several friends. At first, I worried about the same things many Christians do: Is Tarot an instrument of the devil? Am I inviting demons and malevolent spirits into my life? Once I did my research, I realized that the original Tarot decks were full of Judeo-Christian symbolism. I don’t believe there is anything scary or spiritually-damaging about the cards.

I believe Tarot cards are simply pictorial representations of life situations and events that are common to all human beings through all the years. The images combined with traditional card meanings enable us to access thoughts, feelings, and wisdom contained in our own subconscious.

I believe every living thing in the world functions on energy, as do many things throughout the universe. I believe we are all connected through this same source of energy. For me, the source of that energy is God. For you, the source may be the energy itself or something else entirely. Whatever our beliefs, we can all use that energy to connect with each other.

Whatever your personal beliefs, I am happy to do a Tarot or oracle reading for you. Everyone is welcome here!