2022 Spring Sparkle CAL-KAL Details


Let’s leave dull, dark winter behind and move toward the bright, light, new beginnings of spring. Join us anytime between now and the end of summer for our Spring Sparkle crochet-along (CAL) and knit-along (KAL) as we work on some gorgeous shawls full of the sparkly goodness of glass beads.

Whether you are a crocheter or knitter, an advanced beginner or experienced stitcher, you will have a wonderful time making one of our shawl selections. You’ll be able to join us in person in our studio or online in our Facebook group. We will be working on the shawls right alongside you and will be available to provide help and assistance as you work on your own shawl.

Keep scrolling to see more information about choices that will help you create the sparkly shawl of your dreams:

  • close-up of Starlight Shawl for CAL and link to detailed CAL information
  • close-up of Rosewater Shawl for KAL and link to detailed KAL information
  • close-up of plain yarn: regular vs high twist
  • close-up of sparkly yarn: low vs high sparkle
  • close-up of your 7 color choices

The CAL and KAL posts (links under each photo) contain information about skill level, other needed supplies, how you can participate both in-person and virtually, and how you can purchase your kit.

Below the photos of the color choices, you will find link to purchase the CAL and/or KAL kits.

Crochet-Along: Starlight Shawl Kit

Knit-Along: Rosewater Shawl Kit

dark blue rounded shawl with beads
Photo credit: JennaJrdn on Ravelry

Yarn Choices to Make

We will be using incredible yarn from Holly Dyeworks for our shawls. No matter which shawl you’ll be making, your kit will contain one skein of plain yarn and one skein of sparkly yarn. All stitchers will be able to choose a regular or high twist yarn for the plain yarn, a low or high sparkle yarn for the sparkly yarn, and the color palette you want to use.

PLAIN YARN CHOICE: We will be using one skein of plain fingering weight yarn in this project. This yarn will be used at the top of the shawl. You may choose a yarn with a normal twist level or a high twist level. Both yarns work equally well for this shawl. Simply select the look you prefer.

skein of tonal dark blue smooth fingering weight yarn and of tonal raspberry high twist fingering weight yarn
Top yarn: regular smooth; bottom yarn: high twist

SPARKLY YARN CHOICE: We will be using one skein of sparkly yarn in this project. You can choose from a low sparkle level (contains 5% stellina) or a high sparkle level (contains 20% stellina). Neither option is particularly scratchy, but we will be using this yarn on the bottom part of the shawl so there will not be any potential scratchiness around the neck.

skein of dark blue yarn with 20% stellina and skein of raspberry yarn with 5% stellina
Top yarn: high sparkle; bottom yarn: low sparkle

YARN COLOR CHOICE: We have selected 7 color options for you.

2 skeins of raspberry tonal Magnolia Bramble yarn; one sparkly, one not
Magnolia Bramble
2 skeins of dark green tonal yarn in Cades Cove
Cades Cove
2 skeins of light blue yarn in Townsend
2 skeins of burnt orange yarn in color North Carolina
North Carolina
2 skeins of yarn in shades of gray, blue gray and purple
Vienna Opera House
2 skeins of yarn in shades of dusty rose and green
Asheville Estate


Purchasing Your Kit

Click on either button below to purchase the Starlight Shawl CAL kit or the Rosewater Shawl KAL kit.

The product page will feature a photo of the shawl plus photos of the various colorway choices. The dropdown menu will be organized by colorway, stating your options for regular or high twist for the first skein of yarn and low or high sparkle for the second skein of yarn.

For example, if you want the Magnolia Bramble colorway, your options will look like:

  • Magnolia Bramble regular/low sparkle
  • Magnolia Bramble regular/high sparkle
  • Magnolia Bramble high twist/low sparkle
  • Magnolia Bramble high twist/high sparkle

Just add the correct choice to your shopping cart.

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