Month: March 2020


Rainbow Blessings

Today I drew one card from the Sacred Traveler oracle deck by Denise Linn and a card from the WomanRunes deck by Molly Remer. To complete my photo, I included an Autumn Magic Meditation Goddess sculpture and printed card of goddess figurines (also from Molly), and six mini-bottles of crushed …

Nourish Yourself

Today’s decks: Crazy Sexy Love Notes oracle deck and The Light Seer’s Tarot deck. Today I drew the Nourish Yourself card. These bunnies are sitting in a field surround by a number of plants: lettuce, carrots, radishes, even flowers. You can see that they are getting their nourishment from a …

Find Your Tribe

In these difficult times, finding your personal tribe, or group of very supportive friends, is vitally important. Keeping reading for some tips on how to find your tribe, how your tribe can support each other, and for discussion questions that can help us all connect with each other right here.